LLVM Weekly - #67, Apr 13th 2015

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EuroLLVM is going on today and tomorrow in London. I hope to see a number of you there. Provided there's a reasonable internet connection, I hope to be live-blogging the event on the llvmweekly.org version of this issue.

EuroLLVM Day 1 liveblog

C Concurrency: Still hard

ThinLTO: A Fine-Grained Demand-Driven IPO Infrastructure

Corridor track

Apologies, I missed the last two talks of the day due to some very entertaining discussion in the 'corridor track'. You might want to look at LLPE, a partial evaluator for LLVM bitcode.

EuroLLVM Day 2 liveblog

LLVM meets the truly alien: the Mill CPU architecture in a multi-target tool chain

A high-level implementation of software pipelining in LLVM

Lightning talks

Vectorization Of Control Flow Using New Masked Vector Intrinsics

LLILC: LLVM as a code generator for the CoreCLR

C++ on the web: ponies for developers without pwn'ing users

LLDB debugging on Linux and Android

News and articles from around the web

A new post on the LLVM Blog details how to use LLVM's libFuzzer for guided fuzzing of libraries.

ap>The Red Hat developer blog has an article about libgccjit, a new feature in GCC5, which may be of interest.

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