LLVM Weekly - #6, Feb 10th 2014

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News and articles from around the web

Alexi Starovoitov has published an LLVM backend targeting an extended version of the Linux Kernel's BPF. An example of the sort of program that might be compiled and run via BPF can be found here.

There is now under a week to go to submit proposals for presentations, tutorials, posters, etc for the upcoming EuroLLVM 2014. Get writing!

LWN's coverage of the recent discussion about LLVM and its licensing on the GCC mailing list is now available to non-subscribers.

Renato Golin posted to the GCC mailing list suggesting there be more collaboration where possible on issues such as standardisation of command line interfaces, language extensions, or just general technical discussion.I know a mailing list GCC developers who want to keep abreast of LLVM/Clang developments should subscribe to...

Phoronix has published a benchmark comparing GCC 4.8.2, a GCC 4.9 snapshot and Clang 3.4 on an Intel Core i5-4670 system.

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