LLVM Weekly - #53, Jan 5th 2015

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I'm going to be in California next week for the RISC-V workshop. I'm arriving at SFO on Monday 12th and leaving on Sunday the 18th. Do let me know if you want to meet and talk lowRISC/RISC-V or LLVM, and we'll see what we can do.

News and articles from around the web

I was getting ready to break out gitstats for some analysis of the LLVM repo and I find to my delight that Phoronix has saved me the trouble and has shared some stats on activity in the LLVM repo over the past year.

Tom Stellard has made a blog post announcing some recent RadeonSI performance improvements on his LLVM development branch. This includes 60% improvement in one OpenCL benchmark and 10-25% in a range of other OpenCL tests.

Gaƫtan Lehmann has written a blog post about getting started with libclang using the Python bindings.

The C++ Filesystem Technical Specification, based on the Boost.Filesystem library has been approved.

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