LLVM Weekly - #496, July 3rd 2023

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News and articles from around the web and events

The call for papers is open for the ninth annual LLVM in HPC Workshop, with submissions due on August 16th.

My Igalia colleague Job Noorman has written up a great blog post about his work to enable RISC-V support in the BOLT post-link optimiser. It gives the initial technical details (more to follow) and I think gives a good example of how investment from both the contributor and the upstream reviewers can lead to a better solution that benefits everyone - in this case, migrating BOLT to a newer runtime linking framework and avoiding the need for us to support two RISC-V runtime linkers in parallel within LLVM.

Andrew Kelley (Zig programming language creator and lead) recently shared a roadmap for moving away from the Clang, LLVM, and LLD libraries. He later provided clarifications, and the issue was discussed on sites such as HN and lobste.rs.

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