LLVM Weekly - #44, Nov 3rd 2014

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The 2014 LLVM Dev meeting was held last week. I couldn't make it, but it seems like there was a great selection of talks. Sadly the keynote about Swift's high-level IR was cancelled. No word yet on when we can expect slides and videos online. However, slides by Philip Reames and Sanjoy Das from their talk on on implementing fully relocating garbage collection in LLVM are online.

Peter Zotov has been doing lots of work on the LLVM OCaml bindings recently, and is looking for additional help. Recently, he's closed almost all open bugs for the bindings, migrated them to ocamlfind, fixed Lllvm_executionengine, and ensured pretty much the whole LLM-C API is exposed. Tasks on the todo list include writing tests in OUnit2 format, migrating the Kaleidoscope tutorial off camlp4, and splitting up and adding OCaml bindings to this patch. More ambitiously, it would be interesting to writing LLVM passes in OCaml and to represent LLVM IR as pure AST. If any of this interests you, do get in touch with Peter. He's able to review any patches, but could do with help on working through this list of new features.

The LLVM Bay Area monthly social is going to be held on 6th November.

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