LLVM Weekly - #40, Oct 6th 2014

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I'll be in Munich next weekend for the OpenRISC conference where I'll be presenting on the lowRISC project to produce an open-source SoC. I'll be giving a similar talk in London at the Open Source Hardware User Group on 23rd October.

News and articles from around the web

Capstone 3.0 RC1 has been released Capstone is an open source disassembly engine, based initially on code from LLVM. This release features support for Sparc, SystemZ and XCore as well as the previously supported architectures. Among other changes, the Python bindings are now compatible with Python 3.

An interesting paper from last year came up on the mailing list. From EPFL, it proposes adding -OVERIFY to optimise programs for fast verification. The performance of symbolic execution tools is improved by reducing the number of paths to explore and the complexity of branch conditions. They managed a maximum 95x reduction in total compilation and analysis time.

The next Cambridge (UK) social will take place on Wed 8th Oct at 7.30 pm.

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