LLVM Weekly - #374, March 1st 2021

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News and articles from around the web

Registration for the Community.o summit has been extended. The event will take place March 8-10th and the agenda has now been published.

On the ACM Sigplan blog, Yotam Feldman and Mooly Sagiv shared their "backwards" compilers course structure and the advantages and challenges of this approach.

Rui Ueyama has started the mold linker with the goal of being able to link a full debuginfo Chromium executable in 1 second (vs 12 seconds for LLD on the same machine). The project also generated discussion on Hacker News. Note the disclaimer "Note that even though mold can create a runnable Chrome executable, it is far from complete and not usable for production. mold is still just a toy linker, and this is still just my pet project."

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