LLVM Weekly - #34, Aug 25th 2014

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News and articles from around the web

The third release candidate for LLVM/Clang 3.5 is now available. As ever, test it on your codebases and report any regressions.

Adrian Sampson has written a blog post about Quala, a tool for implementing pluggable type systems for C/C++ using Clang. The example type systems are a system allowing nullable and non-nullable pointers as well as an information flow tracking system. In the future, Adrian wants to connect type annotations to LLVM IR.

C++14 is now done. A quick look at the Clang C++14 implementation status confirms that Clang support is in pretty good shape.

Santiago Fernandez has been an intern on the .NET team at Microsoft this summer. In this MSDN Channel9 posting, Beth Massi interviews him about his work on using LLVM in the .NET native code generator.

The next Cambridge (UK) LLVM social will be held on Weds 27th August, 7.30pm.

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