LLVM Weekly - #32, Aug 11th 2014

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Some readers may be interested to know that lowRISC, a project to produce a fully open-source SoC started by a number of us at the University of Cambridge Computer Lab has been announced. We are hiring.

News and articles from around the web

Codeplay contributed the LLDB MI (Machine Interface) frontend a while ago, and have now committed some additional features. To coincide with that, they've published a series of blog posts covering the MI driver's implementation, how to set it up from within Eclipse, and how to add support for new MI commands.

McSema, a framework for transforming x86 programs to LLVM bitcode has now been open-sourced. The talk about McSema from the ReCON conference is also now online.

Registration for the LLVM Developer's Meeting 2014 is now open. The event will take place in San Jose on October 28th-29th. You have until September 1st to submit your talk/BoF/poster/tutorial proposal.

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