LLVM Weekly - #290, July 22nd 2019

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News and articles from around the web

LLVM 9.0 has branched. rc2 is due on 7th August, with the final release scheduled for the 28th of August. This blog post from Stefan Gränitz has a visualisation of which parts of the codebase have changed.

A new paper, AliveInLean: A Verified LLVM Peephole Optimization Verifier. It's a reengineered version of Alive developed in the Lean theorem prover.

Readers might be interested in trip reports from the Cologne ISO C++ Committee meetings from the reddit /r/cpp team and Herb Sutter.

On the mailing lists

Sjoerd Meijer is seeking feedback on adding a new tail predicate loop pragma, used to indicate a loop tail can be folded into the main loop.

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