LLVM Weekly - #21, May 26th 2014

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I'm back in the UK and mostly recovered from the ensuing jetlag. I am however disturbed that all mailing lists on GMANE don't seem to have been updated for the past week and have been unable to find any explanation of what is going on online. GMANE is an important and massively useful aggregrator and archiver of free software development lists and I really hope these are only temporary problems. For this issue, I have instead linked directly to the mailman archives at UIUC.

News and articles from around the web

Jonathan Mah has written a Clang plugin for checking key path strings in Objective C code. The implementation is available on Github.

LWN has published an article about ThreadSanitizer v2.

This week, the merge of the AArch64 and the Apple-contributed ARM64 backends was completed. The old AArch64 was deleted and the result of merging code from AArch64 in to ARM64 was renamed to AArch64.

A paper 'Static energy consumption analysis of LLVM IR programs' has been posted to arXiv.org.

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