LLVM Weekly - #194, Sep 18th 2017

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It was good to bump in to some LLVM Weekly readers at ORConf last weekend. Presentations should be available online soon. If you want to work on open source hardware full time, I have good news - we're looking for a hardware design engineer at lowRISC. See here for more details.

Review corner

From next week, I'm going to give the 'review corner' idea a try. If you have patches that have been stuck without any meaningful review for two weeks or more (or are making your first contribution to an LLVM project), please submit them for inclusion. This is an experiment - we're going to see how it works out and fine-tune the details as we go. Feedback always very welcome.

Submit your stuck review threads now: https://llvmweekly.org/reviewcorner

News and articles from around the web

DIVA: Debug Information Visual Analyser has been released by SN Systems as open source. It was first presented at the European LLVM Dev Meeting this year. To quote the project description "DIVA is a command line tool that processes DWARF debug information contained within ELF files and prints the semantics of that debug information. The DIVA output is designed to be understandable by software programmers without any low-level compiler or DWARF knowledge; as such, it can be used to report debug information bugs to the compiler provider."

BenoƮt Blanchon has written up a handy summary of new features in clang-format 5.0.0.

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