LLVM Weekly - #19, May 12th 2014

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I'm flying out to San Francisco tomorrow and will be there for the Bay Area Maker Faire at the weekend with some other Raspberry Pi Foundation people. If you're around, be sure to say hi.

News and articles from around the web

LLVM 3.4.1 has been released. This is a bug-fix release so offers API and ABI compatibility with LLVM 3.4. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the release by suggesting or backporting patches, and for testing.

John Regehr has shared some early results and discussion on using Souper (a new superoptimizer for LLVM IR) in combination with Csmith and C-reduce in order to find missed optimisations and then produce minimal test cases. This has already resulted in a new performance bug being filed with I'm sure many more to come.

Crange, a tool to index and cross-reference C/C++ source code built on top of Clang has been released. It aims to offer a more complete database than e.g. ctags, though the running time on a large codebase like the Linux kernel is currently very high.

llgo, the LLVM-based compiler for Go is now self-hosting.

Last week I asked for benchmarks of the new JavascriptCore Fourth Tier LLVM JIT. Arewefastyet from Mozilla now includes such results. FTLJIT does particularly well on asm.js examples.

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