LLVM Weekly - #18, May 5th 2014

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I'm going to be in the San Francisco area May 13th-20th with some other Raspberry Pi people. We'll be at Maker Faire Bay Area on the 17th and 18th. Let me know if there's anything else I should check out while over there.

News and articles from around the web

Andrew Ruef has written a blog post about using static analysis and Clang to find the SSL heartbleed bug. The code for the checker described in the blog post is available on Github.

The FTL ('Fourth tier LLVM') Javascript JIT is now enabled in WebKit for Mac. The WebKit Wiki has more information. I haven't seen any public benchmark figures. Please do share if you have any.

Eli Bendersky has written an article about how to use libTooling to implement source to source transformations.

The next Paris LLVM Social will take place on May 5th (i.e. this evening).

The LLVM Bay Area social will take place on May 8th. Please RSVP if you are interested.

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