LLVM Weekly - #17, Apr 28th 2014

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Last week I wondered why the GCC logo is a GNU leaping out of an egg. Thank you to everyone who wrote in to let me know it is a reference to EGCS. GCC was of course famously forked as EGCS which was later merged back in. Apparently this was pronounced by some as "eggs". Mystery solved.

News and articles from around the web

GCC 4.9.0 was released last Tuesday. See here for more detailed notes on changes in this release.

Honza Hubička wrote a blog post on the history of linktime optimisation in GCC, which was followed by a post containing a benchmark comparison of LTO in GCC vs LLVM.

On Twitter, @lambdamix drew my attention to Notes on Graph Algorithms Used in Optimizing Compilers (PDF). I imagine it will be of interest to many LLVM Weekly readers.

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