LLVM Weekly - #16, Apr 21st 2014

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Apologies that last week's LLVM Weekly went out twice via email. Mailgun have the useful ability to schedule an email for the future, but when this is done incorrectly have no ability to cancel it via the API. Possibly there is no way for them to cancel it either, I have no way to know as my support ticket on the issue was never answered.

Seeing as it's Easter, does anybody know why GCC has a GNU breaking out of an egg as a logo?

News and articles from around the web

The new backend to Emscripten which is implemented as an LLVM backend has now been merged to Emscripten's master branch. This should result in a noticeable speedup in compile times.

Phoronix have published a small set of benchmarks comparing GCC 4.9RC1 and Clang 3.5 HEAD.

Diego Novillo has announced AutoFDO, a tool which will convert profile data generated with Linux Perf to a format compatible with LLVM's sample-based profiler.

The Polly project have minutes from another phone call, this time focusing on delinearization.

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