LLVM Weekly - #152, Nov 28th 2016

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I'm back in the Bay Area again this week for a very brief trip, where I'll be at the RISC-V workshop. I'll be talking about RISC-V LLVM and why we (the lowRISC project) see this as an important part of our efforts to produce a completely open source SoC. Hopefully I'll see some of you there.

News and articles from around the web

RV, the Region Vectorizer framework for LLVM is now publicly available. As described by one of the author, it provides a unified interface to vectorize code regions. The authors are hoping to upstream parts of RV.

Botond Ballo has written up a trip report from the recent C++ standards meeting in Issaquah.

The Transport Trigger Architecture (TTA) Code-design Environment v1.14 has been released. This adds support for LLVM 3.9, as well as variable-length local arrays and alloca amongst other changes.

mulle-objc, a new Objective-C compiler and runtime has been announced. The compiler is a fork of Clang. The discussion of the project on Hacker News has some more details.

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