LLVM Weekly - #143, Sep 26th 2016

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News and articles from around the web

Slides and videos are now available from the LLVM Cauldron 2016, which was recently held in Hebden Bridge (UK). A massive thank you to all attendees, speakers, helpers, and sponsors for making the event such a success. A special thanks are due to Simon Cook of Embecosm for handling the video recording (who as you may recall from a previous LLVM Weekly, got the videos online within a few days). Slides and videos are also available from the GNU Tools Cauldron. There was, as you would hope, a large overlap between attendees at the LLVM and GNU events and the joint social event also helped encourage mixing. I hope we'll be able to do something similar next year (i.e. co-located with the GNU Tools Cauldron, and with no fee for attendance).

Sanjoy Das has written up a blog post about how integer overflow fits in with LLVM's ScalarEvolution.

The APOLLO runtime-speculative polyhedral loop optimiser and parallelizer has been released. As explained on the project's homepage, the framework allows a user to mark nested loops to be handled by a speculative parallelization process.

Clang UPC 3.8.1-0 has been released. The Clang UPC project provides a compiler and execution environment for programs written in the Unified Parallel C language. It also includes a UPC to C translator.

The next LLVM social in Berlin will be taking place on Thursday 29th September at 7pm at the offices of Ableton.

Slides from the recent CppCon are starting to appear on GitHub. Videos are also starting to be uploaded to the CppCon YouTube channel.

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