LLVM Weekly - #141, Sep 12th 2016

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As well as having the LLVM Cauldron last week, it was also an eventful weekend so please accept my apologies if I've missed anything important in this issue!

News and articles from around the web

Last Thursday we successfully held the inaugural LLVM Cauldron in Hebden Bridge. I'd like to thank all the speakers, attendees, sponsors, and helpers who made the event such a success. Simon Cook from Embecosm very kindly recorded all the talks and has managed a crazy-fast turnaround time to get them all edited and uploaded ready for you to view. See the video playlist here. Simon's been so fast I haven't even collected PDFs of the slides from all the speakers yet, but you can expect to find them linked to on the LLVM Cauldron page in the next day or two.

Neil Henning has written up part two of his series on compiling a toy language using LLVM. This post explains key concepts such as LLVM Values and Types, symbol tables, and type tables.

NLVM, a new LLVM-based compiler for the Nim programming language has been announced. Currently it passes 90% of the upstream Nim test cases.

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