LLVM Weekly - #138, Aug 22nd 2016

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News and articles from around the web

LLVM and Clang 3.9.0-rc2 has been tagged.

A seemingly anonymous blog post has been written introducing new LLVM passes to increase code coverage with AFL and similar fuzzers. These passes de-optimize code generated by LLVM.

The 2016 US LLVM Developers' Meeting's call for papers closes this Thursday, 25th August. The LLVM Foundation have also announced a student travel grant program.

We've announced the main track talks schedule for the LLVM Cauldron 2016. This one-day conference will take place on September 8th in Hebden Bridge, UK. If you're still weighing up whether to make the trip, you may also want to review the line-up for the GNU Tools Cauldron which takes place over the following two days. Registration is free, so go ahead and register now.

The next Cambridge LLVM Social will take place on Tuesday 6th September. It's timed so hopefully people will be able to attend before travelling to Hebden Bridge for the LLVM and GNU Cauldrons.

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