LLVM Weekly - #13, Mar 31st 2014

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Thanks in no small part to a mention on the Raspberry Pi blog, Learning Python with Raspberry Pi by myself and Ben Everard is at the time of writing #1 in the Programming books section on Amaon UK. Also, keep your eyes on the X-Dev London meetup page as I'm expecting to give an LLVM-related talk there on the 9th April, though it's not listed yet and is subject to change.

News and articles from around the web

It's only a week to go until EuroLLVM 2014, which wil be held in Edinburgh on the 7th and 8th of April. Tragically I'm not going to be there as I'm trying to focus on getting my PhD finished, but the schedule looks fantastic.

The Linux Collaboration Summit featured an update on progress of the LLVMLinux project to build the Linux kernel using LLVM/Clang (slides). As of right now, there are approximately 48 kernel patches still working their way upstream for the project.

John Regehr has written an interesting blog post on the subject of using Z3 to prove some things about LLVM optimisations.

Facebook have released the Warp C and C++ preprocessor, written in D. It claims to benchmark much faster than GCC's preprocessor resulting in faster build times, though a quick comparison with Clang didn't show it in a favourable light speed-wise.

Meeting C++ have published a helpful summary of what might make its way in to C++17 or C++1y.

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