LLVM Weekly - #110, Feb 8th 2016

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News and articles from around the web

Slides from the LLVM devroom at FOSDEM last weekend are now available online. Unfortunately there was an issue with the recording of the talks so videos will not be available.

JavaScriptCore's FTL JIT is moving away from using LLVM as its backend, towards B3 (Bare Bones Backend). This includes its own SSA IR, optimisations, and instruction selection backend.

Source tarballs and binaries are now available for LLVM and Clang 3.8-RC2.

The Zurich LLVM Social is coming up this Thursday, February 11th at 7pm.

Jeremy Bennett has written up a comparison of the Clang and GCC command-line flags. The headline summary is that 397 work in both GCC and LLVM, 433 are LLVM-only and 598 are GCC-only.

vim-llvmcov has been released. It is a vim plugin to show code coverage using the llvm-cov tool.

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